The whole concept of a pre-wedding shoot really came from the west, yet people abroad will probably draw a blank when you name this term. That’s because they are called “Engagement Sessions”, and while the whole concept of picking a beautiful location and shooting the couple before the wedding remains the same, how they are executed is very different in India and abroad.

It’s not about props, but romance

While most Indian pre-wedding shoots happen with props- frames, sunglasses, backdrops, and funky paraphernalia, pre-wedding shoots abroad really just focus on the two individuals getting cosy for stunning, romantic imagery. In contrast, most Indian pre-wedding shoots have the couple at most holding hands and while intimate photos may not be for everyone, there is some merit in just capturing the two of you at your candid best.


Photo by Ryan Flynn courtesy June Bug Weddings


Good light is all you need

It’s ok if you don’t get an amazing location for your shoot, the focus there is just using light to create beautiful images. Very little apart from the couple gets captured and while you should hunt for a great location, remember that like these photos – you may be able to get shots with just good lighting.

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Photos via StyleMePretty

Dress Chic but Effortless: One statement accessory is enough

Yes, you have to look great in your pre-wedding photos, but adding a skirt, boots, beret and the like may just look unnatural. The idea is for you two to be in clothes that define how you are, so keep it flirty, flowy and soft without the extra frills. Have one statement accessory to stand out and keep jewellery to the minimum.


Keep outfits to solid colors

Try and avoid prints, plaids, checks and other items that are busy. Picking solid colors in complementing tones for the bride and groom is more than enough. Your photographer will always prefer you to be in a single, solid colored outfit.

Bottom line – Just let go and have fun. Treat it like a day of romance with your better half rather than a dressed up, pre-wedding shoot.