Best Wedding Decorators in Pondicherry

Best Wedding Decorators in Pondicherry

You have always dreamt of a magical wedding. Now that you are about to get hitched, it is time to find the ideal wedding planner and decorator to fulfill your dreams. In this context, is certainly the ideal solution for you. We are a reputed and reliable organizing taking care of the entire planning and decoration of your event. We can give some of the amazing services for your wedding right from selecting the theme to decorating the venue, as per the theme. We are one of the top professionals that will bring experience and passion to your wedding, and make it highly memorable in the years to come.

Udvaha is a certified company operating in the market since 2012. In the course of time, we have expanded our operations from Pondicherry to Chennai and Coimbatore. Currently, we have a total of 10 members approximately in our unit, and each of these members work efficiently to provide you the services you want. Our closely knit team helps each other to overcome any challenge and provide you the most efficient service. We have organized several events in the recent times, and each of them was successful. Apart from wedding, we also give emphasis on events like birthday parties, corporate events and others to make you and your guests feel special.

Our services are designed in such a way so that it suits your taste, style and budget. Moreover, we try to incorporate some element of uniqueness and uniformity in our planning of events and decorations. We at Udvaha understand your needs, and answer them with quality and choice. Whether you want the wedding to be organized in the most traditional way or you want a modern theme birthday party, we will readily suffice to your requirements in every possible way. We customize the requirements of our clients thoroughly, and this helps us to stand out from the rest of our competitors.

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It goes without saying that we are a leader in the innovation of service, design, decoration and food. Along with that, we have specialized and experienced photographers that can give you some of the best memories of your life. Our recipe for success is about understanding the unique and diverse requirements of our clients to strive to fulfill them in the best way. We value each customer and never compromise with the quality of service or satisfaction of our clients. Thus, we primarily focus on remaining flexible to the needs of our clients.

Our honest and reliable service also helps us to make good business relationship, and we are proud of our services that we have provided over the years. Our efforts have been appreciated by our existing clients, and we are sure that if you avail the same, you will be no exception. Our dream would not have come true without our dear customers who trust on us blindly and supports us in the inspiration for the work we do.

Therefore, it is high time to avail our services.

Top Ten Tips | Selecting The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect wedding venue may seem like a tedious task. There are a number of things you need to take into account before finalizing your wedding venue. Here are some tips which will come in handy while you scout for venues.

  1. Firstly the most important thing would be to freeze on the budget once you finalize the guest list. This is extremely important as, once you have your wedding budget and expected number of guests in place it narrows down your options to a few venues which fit the bill.
  2. Once you narrow down on a few venues which fulfill your basic criteria of capacity, pricing and of course the wedding you envision, you must visit each of the wedding venues to understand them better.
  3. When you visit the venue, understand the layout, seating capacity and the various styles of seating; especially if you want to seat all guests. Usually theatre style seating seats more people than a round table seating.
  4. Most wedding venues operate on timeslots. Understand the time slots and charges for extra hour. For example, your function may be an evening function, but before booking you will have to check if the place is booked for a function on the same day in the morning. In that case if you have an elaborate décor plan, it may get difficult to set up the place in two hours time. Depending on the duration of your function, you may even have to book the place for the entire day by renting both slots.
  5. Make sure you check the safety measures. This is very important and most times this is neglected and in case of an emergency, there may be panic.
  6. Check on the changing rooms. Make sure they have full length mirrors, good lighting, air-conditioning, clean washrooms attached to the changing room and a couch to seat a few friends.
  7. Understand payment terms. Also enquire about any monopoly for décor or food or if there is a panel. In case you want to use a particular caterer or wedding decorator who is not on the panel, find out if there is a way to get your team on board. Also find out what the security deposit would include. Get the contact for the technical person who would be at the venue on the day of the function. Also find out about the extra hour charges and check on security and whether the washrooms would have housekeepers.
  8. Check on the condition of the guest washroom and see if you need to add on any supplies such as tissues, hand sanitizers etc to make your guests more comfortable. Also check if you need to add on more housekeeping staff.
  9. Check on available parking space. In case you feel that the space is insufficient, locate the nearest parking lot and brief your valet staff to direct guests to the parking lot.
  10. Check on sound restrictions, especially if you are planning an outdoor reception.

Also you need to procure day licenses to be able to serve alcohol and for playing music too. These would vary from venue to venue. Hope these tips would help you select your dream wedding venue!

Pre-Wedding Shoots: What We Need to Learn From The West

The whole concept of a pre-wedding shoot really came from the west, yet people abroad will probably draw a blank when you name this term. That’s because they are called “Engagement Sessions”, and while the whole concept of picking a beautiful location and shooting the couple before the wedding remains the same, how they are executed is very different in India and abroad.

It’s not about props, but romance

While most Indian pre-wedding shoots happen with props- frames, sunglasses, backdrops, and funky paraphernalia, pre-wedding shoots abroad really just focus on the two individuals getting cosy for stunning, romantic imagery. In contrast, most Indian pre-wedding shoots have the couple at most holding hands and while intimate photos may not be for everyone, there is some merit in just capturing the two of you at your candid best.


Photo by Ryan Flynn courtesy June Bug Weddings


Good light is all you need

It’s ok if you don’t get an amazing location for your shoot, the focus there is just using light to create beautiful images. Very little apart from the couple gets captured and while you should hunt for a great location, remember that like these photos – you may be able to get shots with just good lighting.

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Photos via StyleMePretty

Dress Chic but Effortless: One statement accessory is enough

Yes, you have to look great in your pre-wedding photos, but adding a skirt, boots, beret and the like may just look unnatural. The idea is for you two to be in clothes that define how you are, so keep it flirty, flowy and soft without the extra frills. Have one statement accessory to stand out and keep jewellery to the minimum.


Keep outfits to solid colors

Try and avoid prints, plaids, checks and other items that are busy. Picking solid colors in complementing tones for the bride and groom is more than enough. Your photographer will always prefer you to be in a single, solid colored outfit.

Bottom line – Just let go and have fun. Treat it like a day of romance with your better half rather than a dressed up, pre-wedding shoot.